Why pay for expensive chemical treatments that use large amounts of potentially dangerous pesticides?


At Roberts Pest…….We Bring The Heat!!!!

In recent years Bed Bugs have made a huge comeback.  This traveling pest has made victims out of the hotel/motel, apartment, and travel industries.  We have reports of call centers, gyms, schools, offices also falling victim to these vicious insects.  Everyone is a potential target for these insects

Bed Bugs and their fecal material staining a highly infested apartment

Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius Linnaeus) are blood feeders, which means they are eating you….plain and simple.  They feed during your nocturnal hours typically when you sleep.  Despite popular myth, you do not feel their bites until it is too late.  Most individuals will notice red and itchy marks(usually resembling mosquito bites) the next morning, while some individuals never show a reaction(the thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s’ body reacts differently).

Heat is evenly distributed throughout infested areas until a lethal temperature is achieved

Heat is pushed through a forced air handler to the furthest areas throughout a structure. The cold are is the pushed back to the machine by this process into the machine in which it is super-heated and then recirculated.

Once at a uniform lethal temperature. Bed bugs die within minutes, their eggs….within 1 hour. To insure that all areas are thoroughly heat treated, once lethal temperatures are obtained in all areas we will implement a hold period (typically 4-5 hour, sometimes more depending on the level of infestation). A typical bed bug job can take in excess of 12 hours or more to complete (more depending on certain factors(structure makeup, level of infestation, windows, insulation, ect…).


Bed bugs are what we as a company refer to as a “dumb luck pest”, which means that anyone can have an issue with them.  Although they are primarily nocturnal (more active between 11pm – 5am), bed bugs can be seen in broad daylight hiding between couch cushions, bed seams, bed frames, behind head boards, the list of possibilities are endless. So despite what some may think, you could have the cleanest home or facility in the world and they will still infest the same as a home or facility with poor sanitation.  While poor sanitation situations can give them more places to hide, they will infest an area just the same. 

If you believe you may have bed bugs, its time to consult a professional.  Just two adult bed bugs can turn into 600,000 in six months, so the time to act is now!  Please do not attempt  to control this yourself, while you might get lucky(those situations are almost unheard of), in most situations you will unintentionally make things worse.  Some research suggests that some bed bugs are resistant to chemical methods, and NO pesticide kills their eggs (despite claims made by chemical manufactures).  Heat treatments or fumigations are the only proven methods that can give you your home back immediately.


What is involved????

We start by issuing a prep sheet to our customers, so that the treatment can give optimal results to our client. Once the “prep”work is completed we bring in industrial heaters, this equipment will be raising the ambient temperature of the facility to temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Studies have proven that bed bugs die at these temperatures and that by raising a structures core temperature above these marks that you not only kill adult bed bug but also the eggs.

We use a combination of thermal sensors to monitor all areas during the treatment and thermal imaging cameras to see “cold spots” that occur during various times of the treatment so that we can adjust things accordingly.

Once all areas are within thermal ranges above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, we start our hold period (which different in every situation and depends on infestation levels).  On Average the process takes between 10-16 hours(in an apartment setting). (but can take longer depending on certain factors), 4-5 hours typically in a motel/hotel setting (but can take longer depending on certain factors)  When the treatment is complete, you can occupy the units within an hour after treatment.

The Best Part is……NO MORE BED BUGS!




 Canine Bed Bug Detection

Wishbone Hard At Work Helping Our Customers In the Early Detection Of Bed Bug Infestations

Meet Wishbone, the newest addition to our bed bug detection team!  Wishbone is a highly skilled terrier/pointer mix rescued and trained at Iron Hearts working dogs in Ottawa KS.

Canine Inspections have been proven to be more accurate than visual inspections for these insects.   A Canine relies on their sense of smell to interpret the world around them, much as humans rely on sight, which is why Canines are the perfect resource for scent detection.  We are familiar with other applications that Canines are used such as military, police, and locating narcotics, bed bug detection was the next logical step.

To help visualize just how dramatic the difference is between a Canine and a human; if you could lay out all the olfactory odor analyzers in a human, they would cover approximately 1 square inch, if you could do the same for a Canine, it would cover 60 square inches. The section of brain devoted to the analyzing of smells is approximately 40 times larger, relative to the rest of its brain, than a human.  As such a dog’s sense of smell is between 1,000 & 10,000 times better than a human.