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Termite Damage

Termites on average cost home owners $20,000.00 in structural damage and repair bills each year.  They are a silent enemy that plague many St. Louis and Saint Charles area home owners all year around. Their work most times unnoticed destroys bits and pieces of many homes in the area.  Termites work by taking bits and pieces of wood, which means that they typically will damage small areas at a time and spread to multiple areas. So it's not a matter of "if" you get termites, it's a matter of when. This is why regular pest control and termite control visits are so important!


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Termite Baiting


Termite baiting is a process of strategically placing monitors around your home that termites find. Once the termites find the stations, they are treated with a bait so to promote feeding on that particular station(s). The bait, like a disease is designed to spread through the colony to eliminate their queen!  

Conventional Liquid Treatments


Conventional liquid is a barrier placed around your home to help eliminate termite colonies as the come to your structure.  Like baiting, termites can transfer the termiticide to other members of the colony , thus killing their queen.  No more queen....No more termites! 

Regular Termite Inspections


We recommend that St. Louis & Saint Charles area homes be inspected for termites on an annual basis.  Regular termite control and pest control inspections will help to minimize structural damage to your home.

Ask About our Home Defender program


Want pest prevention and termite prevention in one cost-effective bundle?  Ask a representative about the Roberts Pest Control Defender Program!

For your Homes Termite Control, Termidor is The Only Brand We Trust


Roberts Pest Control is a proud Termidor Certified Professional Company!  For your home we only use the best termite control product available!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I have a metal building, do I need to worry about termite control?

A:  Just because a building is made metal doesn't necessarily mean you are in the clear.  Termites also can eat drywall paper and other wood products within the structure

Q:  My homes foundation is higher than ground level, why do I have to worry about termite pest control?

A:  Termites are scavengers, they seek out wood from any where and everywhere possible.  They can travel through small hairline cracks in your foundation to find the wood above.

Q:  Why do I need termite prevention?

A: Termite prevention is the best way to keep your home from tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage!  Kind of like changing the oil in your car, a little prevention can save you in the long run.