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Bed Bugs….Which Methods To Choose?

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Its hard to know these days what claims you can believe when it comes to the eradication of bed bugs in the St. Louis area.  One PCO (pest control operator) will claim that chemical bed bug treatments are the most effective while another PCO will talk about steam treatment or cryonite.

Personally I’ve been in the industry now for around 14 years and have seen just about every single claim.  For me it was a resistance issue I saw while treating massive amounts of bed bug infested units in section 8 public housing.  No matter how thorough I was in my treatments, bed bugs would re-infest in a short period of time.

I had read some of Dr. Michael Potters research on bed bug resistance issues  to insecticides and it made a lot of sense to me.  For the most part, the pest control industry has been wearing “blinders”, reformulations and recycled versions of insecticides were really all that were and are quite frankly are still available, with a few small innovations in chemistry being the exception. So these insects were being bombarded with the same formulations over and over and like roaches they were growing resistant.  I have always been the type of guy to want to know whats in my insecticides and how they actually effect the organism I am applying for (unfortunately most of this industry could care less, they only care about costs per gallon used and throw around the words IPM(integrated pest management) in the hopes of being able to sell their services at a dirt cheap price to the masses after-all to them this industry is only about volume sales).

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